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How to pack curtains for moving

One thing you may not realize amidst the whirlwind of move-related activities during your house move is that one of the very first things you’ll have to do when you step into your new home is to hang the curtains so that you can get your privacy. You don’t know your neighbors yet so until you do, consider those folks to be of the nosy type.

The windows in that new place may or may not have drapes over them so it’s best to bring your own, especially if you like your current draperies too much and do not wish to leave them behind.

Seriously, why should you buy brand-new curtains for the destination home when you already have beautiful drapes that should fit and possibly even match most of the windows there?

Considering the great amount of moving expenses, costs, and fees, moving house is the wrong time to be wasteful. So, be smart with your hard-earned money and consider packing and moving your curtains with you. If necessary, you can even pack and move the curtain rods as well.

Read on to learn the best way to pack curtains for moving, including some advice on how to pack curtain rods for moving too.

What to do before packing curtains for a move

Before you can start packing curtains and draperies for moving, there are a few things you’ll need to do first to ensure the success of that particular packing task.

  • DETERMINE whether it’s worth packing and moving all of your curtains. If you know for a fact that the new home already has all the curtains and draperies it needs, then you may decide not to take yours, or maybe to only take some of them. Either way, it’s important to really like the window curtains you’re moving because you’ll be hanging those as soon as you arrive in the new place. And as you know, curtains are essential home décor elements and can definitely help you to make the new home cozier and more comfortable.
    Thus said, don’t waste any time and effort in packing curtains that are too old or too worn out. Or ones you never really liked.
  • PLAN the best time to pack up your curtains. You don’t want to take them down and get them ready for transport too early because you’re going to need them until the last day or so. Privacy, remember? And you shouldn’t leave that task for the last possible moment too because packing curtains and drapes may take longer than you expect. Why? Read below.
  • CLEAN your curtains before packing them into a wardrobe box. Now, this step is all about ensuring that you won’t bring dust or any type of dirt into your new home. If you know that your drapes are clean because you’ve recently washed them, then just skip this step. On the other hand, if you haven’t cleaned your draperies in a while, then you can either choose to wash them (just make sure they’ll be 100% dry by the time you pack them up) or vacuum them gently to remove the dust.
  • MEASURE each curtain or set of curtains and write down those measurements on a piece of paper or index card. Also, write down which rooms those curtains belong to and then pin paper or card to the corresponding curtains. This step will save you valuable time when you reach the new home because it’ll enable you to identify quickly which curtains will fit which windows in the new house or apartment.

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How to pack curtains in a wardrobe box

If you really care about your curtains and do not want to see them rather wrinkled up or even damaged after the move, then you should pack them in one or several wardrobe boxes depending on how many curtains you plan on taking with you.

Everybody knows that wardrobe boxes are perfect for moving clothes, but those special cardboard containers are also ideal for transporting curtains and draperies because they will keep your soft goods wrinkle-free and protected from dust and moisture.

Here’s how to pack your curtains in a wardrobe box:

  • PLACE a clean sheet of wrapping paper on the bottom of the wardrobe box to keep your curtains and drapes clean when they are touching the inside bottom of the carton.
  • WRAP the metal bar of the wardrobe box in clean packing paper, then use small pieces of tape to secure the protective paper layer. This is just a precautionary step because you never know how clean those metal bars are.
  • TAKE a curtain, fold it lengthwise and then wrap it once around the horizontal wardrobe bar as if you were wrapping a scarf around one’s neck. If the curtain is too long, then fold it lengthwise again wrapping it once around that paper-protected metal bar.
  • TIE a piece of string or a twist-tie around the freely hanging ends of the curtain, just beneath the wardrobe bar. Don’t tighten it too much for fear of damaging the delicate fabric – instead, tighten it just enough so that the drape does not slip off the bar during transport.
  • DO the same with the rest of your curtains until you either run out of drapes to pack or your wardrobe bar gets full. Wrap and tie as many curtains on the horizontal bar as you can fit without forcing them into one another.
  • CLOSE the wardrobe box, tape it shut and label it properly. If necessary, take another one and pack more curtains in it following the packing steps above.

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How to pack curtains in a standard moving box

The best way to pack curtains for moving is to use wardrobe boxes for the purpose. However, there are a couple of potential problems with that packing method: 1) wardrobe boxes are much more expensive than regular moving boxes (one large wardrobe box goes for around $14), and 2) wardrobe boxes take plenty of space inside the moving vehicle.

So, if you don’t feel like spending more money on costly wardrobe boxes or if your truck space is rather limited, then you can still pack curtains and drapes in regular cardboard boxes.

Here’s how to do it:

  • PLACE a few sheets of clean packing paper on the bottom of a standard large cardboard box.
  • FOLD the curtains neatly in such a way as they fit into the specific boxes you’ve chosen for them. Fold the curtains loosely, don’t press them forcibly or you’ll wrinkle them in no time.
  • REMEMBER to pin to the curtains the pieces of paper or cards with their exact measurements to make your life a bit easier after the move.
  • ARRANGE the curtains in the cardboard box by filing them one next to the other rather than stacking them one on top of the other. To fit more curtains in a box without using too much pressure, turn the moving box on its side so that gravity can keep the draped pulled down, thus creating more storage space.
  • FILL the box with as many window curtains as you can fit safely, then place one sheet of clean wrapping paper on the top as extra protection.
  • CLOSE the box, tape it shut and label it properly.

Even if you’re really careful when packing your curtains and draperies in standard cardboard boxes, some of them will get wrinkled during the move. The good news is that you should be able to fix those wrinkles with an iron after the move… but lose precious time in the process.

Keep in mind that the only way to pack curtains without wrinkles is to transport them in wardrobe boxes.

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How to pack curtain rods for a move

Now, it’s very rare that you should choose to pack and move curtain rods between two homes. The main reason for that is that there’s just no need to do it because the new place you’re moving to will almost always have curtain rods already installed and ready to serve their purpose.

However, there are specific cases when you may decide to pack and move your curtain rods, for example

  • when you have custom-made curtain rods that have unique design, or
  • when the curtain rods are made from more valuable materials such as a rare type of wood (mahogany, bamboo, etc.) or a slightly more precious metal than ordinary iron or steel, or
  • when you just want to move the curtain rods because you know you can repurpose them after the move.

Just make sure you own the curtain rods you’ve decided to pack and move – you’re not allowed to do it if you’re a renter moving out of a rented property or if you’ve just sold the house or apartment but you’re supposed to leave them in the home you’re leaving soon.

The good news is that packing curtain rods for moving is easy – you just wrap them up in several thick furniture blankets and use tape to secure those protective blankets. The bad news is that moving those rods won’t be easy as they are rather long and might be surprisingly heavy as well. So, the best course of action is NOT to bother packing and moving your curtain rods unless you absolutely have to.

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Published at Wed, 21 Aug 2019 11:59:53 +0000